Excel Treatment Calendar

No, you don’t necessarily need treatment just because you like using Excel. 😉
In response to a newsgroup posting, Roger Govier created a workbook to help patients plan a sequence of treatments. For example, people taking Warfarin, might be prescribed to take doses of 2 mg, 2mg, 3mg, 2mg, 5mg and then back to the start of the sequence.
In the sample workbook, they would enter that sequence on the Setup sheet.


Muscular Dystrophy sufferers need to inject at different sites on the body each day. They could list the sites on the setup sheet. After the sequence has been entered, click the button to have the sequence copied down to fill the Treatments Column.


View Treatments on a Calendar

After the treatment list is created, switch to the Calendar sheet, to set up the current month.
From the drop down lists, select a year and month, then pick the first treatment for the month. The calendar will fill in with dates and treatment sequence.


Download the Sample File

You can download Roger’s sample file from the Excel Sample Spreadsheets page or click to download the zipped Excel Treatment Calendar file.