Batch Resize Graphics With Shrink O'Matic

How many times has this happened to you? You have a graphic. You’re trying to find an exciting new way to prepare it for your blog or website.
You could scale the graphic, remove the graphic’s tail, head and bones, and serve the graphic as you would any other graphic dinner. But why bother, now that you can use Rovco’s amazing new computer tool, the Super Shrink O’Matic ’08.
Yes, graphic user, the days of troublesome scaling, cutting and gutting are over, because Super Shrink O’Matic ’08 is the tool that lets you use the graphic with no gif waste, and without scaling, cutting or gutting.
Here’s how it works: Catch a graphic, remove the hook, and drop the graphic – that’s the whole graphic – into the Super Shrink O’Matic ’08. Now, adjust the control dial so that the graphic is blended just the way you like it. Yes, it’s that simple!

With apologies to fellow Canadian, Dan Aykroyd, and the legendary Bass-O-Matic.