Changing Your Name in Office

When you insert a comment in Word or Excel your user name is shown in bold at the top of the comment. In Word, the comment is marked by your initials, and in Excel it’s marked by a red triangle in the top right corner of the cell.

Perhaps your name has changed, or you’ve inherited a computer that has someone else’s name in it. How do you change the name that appears in the comments?

Change the User Information

The User Name is common to all the Office applications, so if you change it in one program, all the others will be automatically updates.
I like to change the user information in Word or PowerPoint, because those programs store the user’s initials as well as the user name. Excel just stores the user name.

  1. Open Word, and click on the Tools menu, then click Options.
  2. Click the User Information tab.
  3. Change the User Name and Initials, then click OK to close the dialog box.

Updating Old Comments In Excel

In Excel a comment shows the user name by default, at the top of the comment. After the comment is created you can edit or delete that name. The status bar also shows the user name when you point to a cell that contains a comment.

If you edit a comment or change a user name, the name in the status bar doesn’t change. It continues to show the user name from the time that the comment was inserted.
To change the name in the status bar, you can run a macro to replace the old name with the current name,
as described in the instructions on my website. In the code, replace the text strings “New Name” and “Old Name” with the new and old user names on your computer.

strNew = "New Name"
strOld = "Old Name"