Excel Trackers for New Year Resolutions

Excel Trackers for New Year Resolutions

Did you make any New Year resolutions that involve eating better, or getting in shape? If so, there are a few free trackers on my Contextures website, to give you some Excel help in reaching your goals.

Excel Calorie Counter

To track what you're eating, there's an Excel Calorie Counter that you can download. Read about the latest version in this blog post, and see the original details here.

There is a recipe calculator sheet, where you can enter all the ingredients for your favourite dishes, and get the nutrition information per serving.

For Entertainment Only

As I always mention when posting about the health trackers, I'm not a medical professional, so use these trackers for entertainment purposes only. Check with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise plan.

The calorie counts are from Health Canada, so the ingredients and calorie counts might be different where you live. Check the product labels for accurate numbers.

Excel Weight Loss Tracker

If you're planning to trim down a bit, after your holiday feasts, there are Excel Weight Loss trackers too.

On version lets you choose to measure your weight in kilos or pounds.

Or, if you prefer to use Stones, there is a version for that too.

Both versions have a dashboard, where you can see your overall progress.

Fitness Tracker Data Analysis

If you use a food tracker app in your mobile device, you can download that data and analyze it in Excel.

This page shows how I get the data from the LoseIt app on my iPhone, and create reports in Excel.

Excel Weekly Meal Planner

And while you're at it, you might as well get the Excel Weekly meal planner too!

I use this tool to plan our meals every week, and it sure takes the pressure off at supper time. And it's easier to stick to your New Year resolutions if you plan your meals ahead, instead of grabbing fast food at the last minute!

Excel Trackers for New Year Resolutions

Excel Trackers for New Year Resolutions


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