Happy Spreadsheet Day 2018

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2018

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2018! It seems like we just took down the decorations from last year's party, and here it is again, our favourite celebration of the year.

Spreadsheet Day Origins

How did Spreadsheet Day get started? Way back in 2010, I noticed that there were all kinds of other "National Day of" events, but there was no Spreadsheet Day.

So, to fix that problem, I started Spreadsheet Day. You can read the details on the About page of my Spreadsheet Day blog.

Spreadsheet Day didn't get much attention the first year or two, but is growing every year. Even Dan Bricklin and Mitch Kapor tweeted about it last year!

Why October 17th?

October 17th is the celebration day, because October 17, 1979, is when VisiCalc was first released – the first spreadsheet for personal computers. Read more about VisiCalc in the Spreadsheet History section.

Celebrating Spreadsheet Day 2018

What will you do to celebrate this year?

  1. Build a fabulous new Excel workbook, with all the bells and whistles?
  2. Bake a cake and decorate it with a spreadsheet design?
  3. Change your Twitter avatar to a grid?
  4. All of the above?

If you see any Spreadsheet Day stories or tweets, please let me know!


Happy Spreadsheet Day 2018

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