Excel Holiday Planner Workbook

Long ago, I created a Christmas planner in Excel, and it has evolved over the years. Well, tomorrow is the first of December, so you’ve probably finished your planning for this year. But, if you haven’t, this year’s new and improved version of the workbook might help. Now it’s an Excel Holiday Planner – you can pick any date as your holiday, instead of being Christmas themed.

Get Started

When you download the workbook, a PLAN tab will appear on the Excel Ribbon. Use the button there, to navigate to the different sheets in the workbook.

Do you like the custom icons that I created? If I can do that, with my non-existent art skills, you can too!

There are details on my website, if you want to create a custom tab for the Excel Ribbon.


Enter the Holiday Info

On the Start sheet in the Excel Holiday Planner, enter the current year, your holiday date, and the number of weeks before the holiday that your plan should include.

You could enter December 25th, if you’re celebrating Christmas, or December 23rd for Festivus, or any other holiday you want to celebrate.


Fill in Holiday Plan

Next, go to the different sheets, and fill in your holiday plans.

  • There is a budget sheet, and another sheet where you can track your spending.
  • There’s a separate sheet for gifts – list all your gift ideas, and enter the final costs when you buy each gift.
  • Enter your holiday events too, and see them on a calendar.

There are more instructions on the Holiday Planner page on my Contextures site


See the Summary

On the Home sheet, there’s a summary of your spending, plus a countdown of the days until the holiday arrives.


Download the Excel Holiday Planner

To get a copy of the Excel Holiday Planner, go to the Holiday Planner page on my Contextures site. Scroll down to the Download section, and click the link to get the free workbook.

The zipped file is in xlsm workbook, and contains a few simple macros for navigating through the workbook.



Excel Holiday Planner http://blog.contextures.com/

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