Contextures Blog Update

After having all kinds of problems on the blog last week, I’ve installed a new theme. Everything looks different, including the header image. It’s a photo that I took on a vacation, and the blues and greens match the Contextures logo.



Mobile Responsive

The new theme is mobile responsive, so I hope it looks good on a phone or iPad. The sidebar should disappear on a mobile device, with just an arrow visible. Click that to open the sidebar.

Fonts and Things

The font looks a bit too light, so I’ll try to darken that. It seems to be a legible size though, but let me know if you find things hard to read.

I’ll adjust it so that I can read it, and that should be good enough for everyone with younger, stronger eyes too.

Any Problems?

If you notice any problems, or see anything that looks wonky, please let me know! I’m still tweaking things, so who knows what else will break, as I go along.