Excel Roundup 20160314

Happy Pi Day! In this week's roundup, troubleshoot large Excel files, free webinars, reporting tips, and much more.

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1. Troubleshoot Large Files

Last week, I found a file that was much bigger than expected. To troubleshoot, I used my Excel Tools add-in to create a list of the sheets, and show the used range on each sheet. Wow, one sheet had 15.7 million cells in its used range! To fix it, I deleted those rows, and saved the file.

If you don't have a copy of my Excel Tools add-in, there is a macro on my blog that you can copy to your Personal workbook. Then, run it, to see a list of sheet for the active workbook.

2. No Pies on Pi Day

In honour of Pi Day, the JMP Blog reminds you to cut back on the pie charts. Can you go a whole day without one?

3. Watch the Data Insights Summit

If you can't make it to Microsoft's Data Insights Summit next week (March 22-23), there's good news. You can watch live streaming of the sessions, so go here to register for the broadcast.

4. Excel Resources

Whether you know a lot about Excel, or just a little, you'll find some great resources in Brad Edgar's list of 27 ways to improve your Excel skills. Did you find a few that were new to you?

5. Reporting Tips

Charley Kyd shares his 5 best practices for Excel reporting strategies. Are you providing information or documentation?

6. MOD Function

Mike Alexander uses bacon (of course) to explain the Excel MOD function. With that many kids, he should be buying more bacon!

7. Slow Macros

Colin Legg was surprised to find that the SpecialCells method was slowing down his macros. He reminds us to turn off EnableEvents if you're using SpecialCells.

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