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In this Garage Series episode, Power BI and Excel go to Spain, to expose data patterns in past matches between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

"By combining historical El Clásico and player data, outside forces like temperature, humidity and moon phases, Jeremy tries to predict the outcomes and puts these predictions to the test among fans in Barcelona."

They didn't use good hair as one of the factors, but they predict 2-1 for Madrid, in the Oct. 25th match. (The final score was 3-1 for Madrid.)

You can watch the video below, or on YouTube: Power BI takes on El Clásico

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  • For a humorous peek at what other people are saying about spreadsheets, read the latest collection of Excel tweets, on my Excel Theatre blog.
    There is a poll at the end, so please vote for your favourite tweet.

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Here are some upcoming events, courses, recently published books, and other new items, related to Excel.

ONLINE Excel MVP, Sumit Bansal, has opened registration for his online Excel course (basic to advanced), and you can find the details on his Trump Excel website.

The course consists of 26 videos and sample workbooks, and Sumit will donate 30% of the sale proceeds to charity.



Registration is open for Felienne Hermans' MOOC Course -- Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX()

"Using video lectures and hands-on exercises, we will teach you cutting-edge techniques and best practices that will boost your data analysis and visualization skills."

You can audit this 8-week course for free, and classes start Apr. 6, 2015.

Excel Data Analysis by Hector Guerrero

"This book is written for the students and practitioners who are looking for a single introductory Excel-based resource that covers three essential business and analytical skills—Data Analysis, Business Modeling, and Simulation of Complex Problems. The focus of the book is clearly on analysis of problems for decision making, yet detailed explanations regarding how to use Excel tools are provided."

LONDON Abbot Katz is presenting a series of Excel courses in London on consecutive Monday evenings, in November, at the offices of the Guardian newspaper near the Kings Cross station.
Nov 17th -- Visual enhancements
Nov 24th -- Grabbing and grooming the numbers

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