Auditing Excel Formulas Quick Tips

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had lots of trouble with this blog. It’s been up and down, and I’m sorry if you’ve come to visit, and found the doors closed! The sturdy-looking door shown below is at Brock’s Monument, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which I visited earlier this month.
So, I’ve turned off a few things on the blog, like subscribing to comments, to see if that helps. Maybe Dick Kusleika, at Daily Dose of Excel, has some tips for me, if he’s sorted out his blog problems.

Auditing Formulas on a Worksheet

This week, I’ve added a new page to my Contextures site, with a few quick tricks for auditing worksheet formulas. I’m giving an Excel tips presentation on Friday, and this is one of the topics that I’ll include.
You’ll see how to

  • use keyboard shortcuts or Ribbon commands to show worksheet formulas
  • show formulas in an adjacent column, using the new FORMULATEXT function
  • use keyboard shortcuts to go to dependent or precedent cells
  • trace precendent and dependent cells with arrows, then remove the arrows

Here is the link to the new page:

Video: Auditing Formulas on a Worksheet

There’s a video too, so if you’d like to see a few commands and shortcuts for auditing and troubleshooting formulas, please watch this short video tutorial.

Or watch on YouTube: Auditing Excel Formulas – Quick Tips