Change Pivot Table Filters With Drop Down Cell

Change Pivot Table Filters With Drop Down Cell

Happy Thursday! I’ve got two news items today, and you can read the details below.

  • a new sample file on my Contextures website
  • a Microsoft Consumer Camp event in the Toronto area

Pivot Table Report Filters

There are several sample files on my website that let you change all pivot tables, based on a change to one pivot table. Kevin asked about one sample, which lets you select from a data validation drop down list. In the original file, changing that drop down updated all the pivot tables in the workbook.

Kevin only wanted the pivot tables on one sheet to change, so I created a new sample that does that.

Get the Sample File

In the new version, you can select an item from a data validation drop down, and all pivot tables on that worksheet show that selection in the page field. Pivot tables on the other sheets aren’t affected.

You can download the sample file from my Excel Files page. In the Pivot Table section, look for PT0038 – Change Report Filters With Cell Dropdown Same Sheet


Microsoft Consumer Camp in Mississauga

If you’re in the Toronto/Mississauga area, you can put this event in your calendar — Microsoft is hosting the first Canadian MVP Consumer Camp , and you’re invited. Register here.

Many Canadian MVPs will be there, answering tech questions, showing off demos and the unique features of Microsoft devices. There will be prize draws, Q&A sessions, snacks and refreshments.
Register here!