Adding Form Controls on a Worksheet

Adding Form Controls on a Worksheet

Do you spend your days, and maybe your nights, talking about Excel with your friends? It’s amazing how quickly the time passes, while you chat about all the awesome features and tricks that you know. You know, exciting things like adding form controls on a worksheet.

This week, I was happy to spend some time on Skype, talking about Excel with my friend Chandoo. While he sweltered in India’s heat, I shivered in our Canadian snow, so it averaged out the perfect temperature for a friendly, and informative, discussion. And you’ll be able to hear what we said — Chandoo has posted a recording in the next episode of his Excel podcasts.

On the Podcast

I had a tough spot in Chandoo’s podcast lineup, because Mike Alexander was a recent guest, and he’s a hard act to follow! There was no need to worry though, because Chandoo is an excellent interviewer, and kept the conversation flowing.

We talked about running an Excel business, and how and why we got started. Chandoo learned that I began my business when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, and a few other fun facts.

Talking About Worksheet Controls

Our main topic was worksheet controls, such as buttons, combo boxes and check boxes, and some of their benefits and drawbacks. A good chunk of our conversation was about drop down lists – data validation drop downs, Forms combo boxes and ActiveX combo boxes.

To learn more about them, read my article on 3 types of Excel drop down lists.


Be Sure to Tune In

So this week, instead of listening to some boring music while you run on the treadmill, or ride the commuter train, you can listen to our Excel discussion. Go to the list of Chandoo’s podcasts, and click the links to play them.

My interview is numbered CP005, and you can listen by clicking the link. Chandoo will do some editing before he uploads it, and maybe even delete that spot where I incorrectly assured him that you could type in a Form Control combo box. Oops!

Despite that slip up, it was lots of fun, and I hope you enjoy it, and learn a few new things — like I did!

Video: 3 Types of Drop Down Lists

In the meantime, you can watch this short video, that I made a couple of years ago, to see how the 3 types of drop down lists work.