Interactive Excel Functions List

There are lots of Excel function tips and tutorials on my Contextures website, and here on the Contextures blog. To help me keep track of everything, I’ve created an interactive list of the Excel functions, that you can see here: Interactive Excel Functions List


Sort and Filter

On the web page, you can click the green button to open the interactive version of the list. Then, click on a heading to sort the list by that column, such as Category or Version Added.

To filter, click on a column name at the left, and select one of the items to filter. For example, in the screen shot above, the list is filtered to show the functions that were added in Excel 2010.

Click a Link

Some of the function names are hyperlinks – click those to go to my web page or blog post with an example for that function. For example, click the AGGREGATE link, to see the examples for this versatile new function in Excel 2010.

I’ll be adding more function examples over the coming months, and will update this list to include the new links.

Video Tutorials

I’ve also updated the Video Tutorials Index page. In addition to the video links, I’ve added video playlists, so you can see all the videos in a specific category, such as Data Validation.

In the sample playlist below – Excel Functions — click the “Playlist” list at the bottom left of the video screen. You should see a scrollable list of videos in that category, and click on any video to start the playlist.

There are currently 73 videos in this playlist, and the total time is 3 hours and 51 minutes.