Create Amazon Affiliate Links in Excel

This week, Dick Kusleika posted his Amazon Linkerator – an Excel file lets you create links to Amazon products.

First, you find a product on Amazon, and copy its web page URL. Then, open the form, enter a product code and description, and it creates a link for you.


It’s very fancy, and you can download the sample file, to try it for yourself. It uses an Excel UserForm, and you can modify the code to add your own information.

Jimmy Pena has an Amazon Link Builder too, and you can see the details here: Amazon Link Builder

Low Tech Amazon Link Builder

I build Amazon links too, and you can see lots of them on my Excel Book List page. (Browse around – buy yourself a book for St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming soon. Winking smile )

To create my links, I use worksheet formulas, instead of a fancy UserForm. If you like things simple, you can try this method.

You enter the product code and product title, and then copy the link or the HTML code, and paste it into your blog post or web page.


How It Works

First, a link is created in cell B5, from the Amazon URL, the product code (ASIN) and the Tracking ID.

= & ProdCode & "?tag=" &TrackID

Note: Cell B3 is formatted as Text, because some codes start with a zero, and you don’t want Excel to remove those.


Then, that link is used in the to create the HTML code in cell B7.

The four HTML cells have snippets of text that are required for building the HTML code. The formula in cell B7 combines the product title and the link, with four snippets of text.

=HTML_01 & ProdTitle & HTML_02 & ProdLink
& HTML_03 & ProdTitle & HTML_04

If I copy from cell B5, and paste into this blog post, I get a plain link. It works if you click on it, but doesn’t look too appealing.


If I copy from cell B7, and paste into this blog post, I get a fancy link. It shows the product title, and when you point to the link, the product title appears in a little popup.

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Download the Sample File

To test the Amazon link formulas, you can download my sample file, from the Excel Sample Files page on my Contextures website. In the Functions section, look for FN0025 – Build Amazon Affiliate Links