Change Functions With Excel Drop Down List

Last year, I shared a technique for selecting a function name from a drop down list, and that changed the formulas in a summary row on the worksheet. Choose MAX, to see the highest amounts in a lists of sales orders and then choose SUM, to see the total amount in the lists of orders

This techniques runs on formulas, not macros, and is a great way to show different information in a small amount of worksheet space.

Watch the Video

I've finally made a video that shows how to create this changeable summary, and create a drop down list of functions. You can watch the video here, and for written instructions, and the sample file download, visit this page: Change Excel Function With Subtotals



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  1. It also can be done using Aggregate function in Excel 2010.
    This function needs more popularization. Many users do not even know it exists.
    Might be a good candidate for your next "30 Excel Functions in 30 Days"
    I like the most that it allows to ignore errors in the array.

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