Spreadsheet Day 2011 Review

SpreadsheetDay82 Monday, October 17th, was Spreadsheet Day, and I hope you've recovered from all the festivities.
Thanks to everyone who tweeted about Spreadsheet Day, and a special thanks to those who made a Spreadsheet Day post on their blog. In case you missed any of the posts, here's a list. If I omitted yours, please let me know.

Plan and Track Student Spending

Pivot tables summarize the key information in this student budget workbook, from Bob Ryan, of Simply Learning Excel.

Student Time Tracker

Keep tabs on class times and assignment workload, with my Student Time Tracker. Then, when you become a Microsoft Office consultant, you can use the same technique to track meetings and project work.

Happy Spreadsheet Day

A lesson in the perils of gambling, from Mike Alexander, of Bacon Bits blog. Using a spreadsheet to track your gambling losses doesn't lessen the pain.

Automating Class Creation

Students attend classes, so Dick Kusleika, from Daily Dose of Excel, shows his technique for automating class creation in Excel VBA. The video demo is silent, so you can play the music of your choice, or add your own voice over.

Experiment With Excel

You don't need extravagant plans to celebrate Spreadsheet Day. To quote The Science Goddess, "So, my advice for today is simply to go forth and double-click. Open Excel and play around."

Celebrate Responsibly

Finally, wise words from Excel guru, and party pooper, John Walkenbach – celebrate Spreadsheet Day responsibly.

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