Spreadsheet Day 2011 Preparations

SpreadsheetDay82Are you ready for Spreadsheet Day on Monday (October 17th)? I’m just back from a week of vacation, and will be working on my “Help a Student” template this weekend.
Yes, I crossed the border this week, and spent time shopping and relaxing in Rochester NY. I toured the home of George Eastman, founder of the Kodak company, and will post some photos next week. He wasn’t a spreadsheet guy, but some of his ideas can be applied to spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Day

I hope you’ll cell-ebrate Spreadsheet Day on Monday, and post a link to your free template, add-in or spreadsheet tip, that will help a student succeed.
The Science Goddess, on the Excel for Educators blog, has asked teachers to suggest spreadsheets that would be useful to their students. As she says to her readers, “if you don’t talk to your kids about spreadsheets…who will?”
If you need inspiration for the Spreadsheet Day challenge, wander over to the Science Goddess’ blog, and see if there are any template suggestions.

Spreadsheets Everywhere

Even on my vacation, I saw spreadsheet everywhere, like this table in the hotel. Maybe it’s just me, but those tiles look like the cells in a spreadsheet. I’m sure that the Margaritas didn’t affect my interpretation of the table pattern. 😉

Please Contribute

Please take a few minutes on Monday to contribute to the Spreadsheet Day cell-ebrations.

  • Post a spreadsheet tip on Twitter, with the #spreadsheetday hashtag.
  • Write an article with a spreadsheet tip for students
  • Create a student-themed spreadsheet template or add-in and post it on the internet

Remember to let me know about your post, so I can link to it on the Spreadsheet Day blog
I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions!