New Improved Excel Data Entry Form

Many moons ago, Dave Peterson created a sample Excel worksheet data entry form and kindly shared it on the Contextures website. In Dave’s original form, users could add records on the data entry sheet, and click a button to go to the database sheet, where they could review or edit the order records.
I’ve created a couple of versions since then, including an Excel data entry form that allowed users to view, add and update records, while staying on the data entry sheet.

Mark the Required Cells

Here’s the latest version of the workbook, with new features that were suggested in the comments for the previous version.
The first new feature is the ability to mark which cells are required. In column E, add an X beside the cells that are mandatory, and leave the optional rows blank. Conditional formatting colours the required cells in green, and the optional cells in grey.
You can hide columns E and F before using the workbook.
data entry form

Select a Specific Record

In the new version, you can select a specific record from the drop down list in cell L3, to view or edit that record. Before using the workbook, hide column M, that has a formula to calculate the record number for the selected order.
Or, as in previous versions, you can click the navigation buttons to move forward or back through the records, based on the row numbers in the database.

Download the Data Entry Form File

The zipped sample workbook can be downloaded from the Date Entry and Update form page on my Contextures site. On that page, go to the Download section, look for Version 1
After you open the workbook, enable macros, so the buttons and event code will work correctly.
There is an instruction sheet in the workbook, that describes how to navigate, add and update records, and maintain or modify the named ranges.