Who Plays Your Role in a Movie About Excel?

imageMike Alexander, Microsoft Excel MVP, and madcap owner of DataPig Technologies, is interviewing Excel people this summer, and posting the interviews on his Bacon Bits blog. Lots of fun!
Here’s the only picture that I have of Mike, and apparently John Walkenbach has a photo of me.
It’s funny, that picture reminds me of something, but I can’t quite remember what it is.

The Interview Questions

Mike sent each of us a list of thought-provoking questions, then published our answers, along with his astute comments and career-enhancing photos. This week it was my turn, and you can read the results here: DataPig’s Interview with Debra Dalgleish
The first picture in Mike’s article was from a Microsoft conference that I attended in 2008. As you can see below, I’ve already given the poor guy beside me a headache.
I’m surprised that my lightning-fast throat chop was captured on film. Or, it might not have been a throat chop. I might have been telling someone how much frosty beverage to put in my glass.

Who Plays You in the Excel Movie?

One of Mike’s interview questions was “Who plays your role in a movie about Excel?” You’ll have to read Mike’s article to see my answer.
And what about you? When they make “Excel: The Movie”, who will play your role?