Insert More Than One Row in Excel

Insert More Than One Row in Excel

If you’ve used Excel for a while, you have lots of skills that you might assume everyone else shares. For example, you probably know how to insert more than one row in Excel, without adding them one at a time. If not, here’s how to do that.

Excel Question

Lots of us have learned Excel on our own, and might have missed learning a shortcut or two. Recently saw this plea on Twitter:

Can anyone help pls? can’t work out how to add a LOT of new rows in Excel between existing data, rather than 1 at a time – ?? Many thanks!

You might think, “Wow! How can anyone not know how to do that?” But think way back, to the days when you were starting out in Excel. Maybe you took an intro course, where you learned the basics, plus a few productivity tips.

Unfortunately, many people just get dropped into Excel, with a pat on the back and a “Good luck!” They stumble through, and when they figure out how to do something, they’re thrilled, and don’t bother looking for easier ways.

At least the person who posted this Excel question on Twitter is trying to find easier ways to do things. So, for that person, and anyone else who needs to know, here’s the solution.

Insert a Single Row with a Mouse Shortcut

You can quickly insert a single row in Excel by using a mouse shortcut.

  • Right-click on the row button, in the row below the point where you want the new row inserted. For example, if you want a blank row inserted between rows 3 and 4, right-click on the row 4 button.
  • In the pop-up menu, click Insert


Insert Multiple Rows with a Mouse Shortcut

You’re not limited to inserting one row at a time — you can quickly insert a multiple rows in Excel by using a mouse shortcut.

  • Drag over several row buttons, to select the same number of rows that you want to insert.
  • As you drag, a pop-up (highlighted in green below) will show the number of rows currently selected.


  • After you select the number of row that you want to insert, right-click on a row button, for one of the selected rows.
  • In the pop-up menu, click Insert

Based on the number of rows that you had selected, blank rows will be inserted, above the first selected row.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Of course, you can insert rows with an Excel keyboard shortcut too, if that’s your preference.

  • To select the selected cell’s entire row, press Shift + Spacebar
  • To select more rows, press Shift, and the Up arrow or Down arrow.
  • To insert the selected number of rows, press Ctrl + + (plus sign)

Watch the Video

To see the mouse shortcuts for inserting one or more rows in an Excel worksheet, watch this very short Excel video tutorial.

What Are Your Favourite Tips or Shortcuts?

  • Do you use Excel shortcuts that new users might not know about?
  • Are there any quick tips that make your Excel life easier?

Please share them in the comments below. Thanks!