Fast Excel Tips for a Holiday Weekend

Yesterday was Canada Day, and Sunday is the July 4th celebration in the USA, so your brain might be in holiday mode today. Instead of a long, complicated blog post, here are a few quick Excel tips, in very, very, short videos. The longest one is 15 seconds!

Change Number of Sheets in New Excel Files

You don’t have to live with the default number of sheets in a new Excel file. Instead of having 3 blank sheets in each new workbook, you can reduce the number, or increase it.

Customize the Excel 2007 Status Bar

You can add or remove the features on the Excel 2007 Status Bar. For example, add new summary functions in the AutoCalc section, or show the status of special keys, such as Caps Lock or Num Lock.

Lock the Top Section of a Worksheet

If you want to be able to see the top few rows of a worksheet, even if you scroll down, you can freeze them.

More Quick Excel Tips

If your brain can absorb a few more quick tips, check out the Excel Quick Tips Videos on the Contextures website.
Happy Holidays!