Excelerators Giveaway for Excel Power Users

Excelerators_promo2Are you an Excel power user? Answer a few quick questions at the Excelerators Quiz site, and find out how you rate. You could even win a nice prize here at the Contextures blog!
The team at PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 created the Excelerators Quiz, and to make the challenge more exciting, they're sponsoring a giveaway here on the Contextures blog (for USA residents only).
The blog giveaway prize has a total value of over $250, and will include a Dell ST2310 23 inch flat panel monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You'll be even more powerful if you have those tools!

Enter the Giveaway

What does it take to be an Excel power user? What kind of quiz questions would you create? We'll create our own Excel quiz here in the comments. Maybe it'll be better than the Excelerators Quiz!
To enter the giveaway, after you take the Excelerators Quiz, come back here and add a comment. In your comment:

  • Create your own unique question for the Excelerators Quiz.
  • Make your question multiple choice, with the correct answer as one of the four options.

You can contribute more than one question, but only your first question will be entered in the giveaway draw.

The Giveaway Rules

  • You must be a legal resident of the Unites States of America.
  • To enter, submit an original Excelerators quiz question in the comments below, with the correct answer as one of the 4 multiple choice options
  • The comment must be submitted before the deadline of 12:00 noon (Eastern Time) on Thursday, January 28th, 2010
  • One entry per person – any additional entries will be deleted from the draw
  • A random draw will select the winner from all valid entries.
  • Winner will be notified by email, so please provide a valid email address. This will not be publicly visible, but will be shared with the contest organizers at Ignite Social Media, so they can contact the winner to arrange delivery.

The Alpha Geek Challenge

The PowerPivot team has also launched an Alpha Geek Challenge for more advanced excel geeks. Donald Farmer will host a PowerPivot competition in which the Grand Prize winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the 2010 Microsoft BI Conference in New Orleans, LA in June.
After you finish the Excelerators Quiz, and the giveaway contest here, see how you do in the Alpha Geek Challenge!

0 thoughts on “Excelerators Giveaway for Excel Power Users”

  1. Apparently, I'm a "number cruncher", although I didn't see how many I actually got right.

    Anyway, question:

    What chart type is not a standard Excel type?

    Bubble chart
    Bar of Pie
    3D surface
    Box Plot

  2. Excel was origainally developed for use with the MAC in 1984. These were great questions cannot wait for Excel 2010.

  3. Excel's 'Evaluate' function was introduced in which version of Excel:

    A- Excel 2.0
    B- Excel 4.0
    C- Excel 12.0
    D- Excel 5.0

  4. Excel 2010 (and 2007) goes to column XFD. (Ya!)

    According to Microsoft, how many worksheet functions are available in Excel 2003?
    a) 236
    b) 333
    c) 478
    d) 621

  5. I went to do the Alpha Geek Challenge and it was just confusing ... the challenge is trying to figure out what you're supposed to do. Back to work.

  6. An eight question quiz, two of them about Power Pivot? I'm not sure knowing that Excel was released for Mac (thanks Christine!) makes a power user, or knowing the last column, so I think they may be pandering when it rates me as one. Although they're right :).

    So in the same spirit:

    ExcelBeGone (c), a powerful product in development by Doug Glancy will:
    1) Replace all of Excel's functions with five easy-to-remember clapping sequences
    2) Replace the grid with episodes of the original Star Trek
    3) Ensure 95% accuracy by reducing all function results to either "True", "False" or "Ask Again"
    4) All of the above!

  7. Doug,

    Sounds like it will be a wonderful product.
    Its benefits could even top the productivity increase given to us when the Ribbon was released.

    I am willing to test the beta for you, if you can assure me that the clapping will not cause the lights in my office to go off.

  8. What is your favourite Excel cell?
    a) FUN69
    b) RTM2
    c) WTF42
    d) A1
    e) BUG1048576
    f) BUF11
    g) GTV6

    a) You have a dirty mind
    b) You are in tech support
    c) Yeah, I know...
    d) You are an accountant
    e) You are a geek
    f) You watch teeny soaps
    g) Hey, that's my car!

  9. You can indent text using several methods.
    Which of the following cannot indent text?
    1. The Increase Indent button
    2. The Align Left button
    3. A number format
    4. The Space bar

  10. Added quiz question:

    In order to set the same page setup options for all tabs in your sheet, you first need to:

    a. select all data in the sheet
    b. set the print area for all sheets
    c. select all sheets using the group feature
    d. format all cells to fit the same page width

  11. Rich, that's a good result if you've never used Excel 2007 or PowerPivot!

    And if you're in the USA, you can make up your own Excel question for the quiz. Post it in the comments here, and you'll have a chance to win the monitor from the PowerPivot team.

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