Does Excel Drive You to Drink?

After a long day of dealing with Excel formulas, pivot tables, and hidden Ribbon commands, you might be ready for an evening cocktail. Or six!
I found a link to this Canadian drinking study in the Toronto paper today, and it looks like we’re a nation of teetotalers. Is your country the same?
Apparently most Canadians don’t work with Excel, or perhaps they vent their frustrations on the hockey or curling rink at the end of the day.

The Excel Drink Calculator

To spare you the agony of checking your results in a hard-to-read green pie chart, I created an Excel version of the online drink calculator.
In cells C3 to C9, enter your estimated number of drinks per day. Then, select Men or Women from the drop down list in cell C12.
The VLOOKUP formula in cell C15 will compare your results to the rest of the men or women in Canada.
Hmmm…more than 85% – that can’t be good. Time to move, I think. 😉 What country would you recommend?

Download the Excel Drink Calculator

If you’re brave enough to test your own results, you can download the Excel Drink Calculator. It’s in Excel 2007 format, with no macros. Please do not operate heavy machinery, or leave a comment, if you have been drinking.