Quick Excel Tips: Paste Values and Sort

How long is your attention span? It’s a short work week, so let’s start it off with a couple of quick Excel tips. And when I say “Quick,” I mean, “Don’t blink, or you’ll miss them.”
I recorded a few quick Excel tips, and posted them in the Excel Quick Tips playlist on my Contextures YouTube channel. If you can’t sit still through a lengthy 2 minute video, this might be the solution!

Select a Random Name

The first video shows you how to select a random name from a list. Enter the RAND function in the column adjacent to the list of name. Then, sort the column with the RAND function, and the name at the top is the winner.

This is the same technique that I used to select winners in my Excel Summer Giveaway and Excel Fall Giveaway contests. You can see the RAND function being used in the Excel random name draw video.

Paste Formulas as Values

In the second video, you can see how to use the mouse to copy cells that contain formulas, and paste the results as values.

If that was too quick for you, there’s a longer version of this video that shows the Paste Values in Excel with a Mouse Shortcut technique.