Grocery Store Charts and Other Signs

This week I was travelling, and signs are really important for helping you figure out where you are, and where you should be headed. Whether you’re posting street signs, retail signs, or worksheet instructions, try to make them clear and helpful.
For example, this sign, in Ottawa, could have given better directional clues. Given the choice between war and civilization, I’d want to choose wisely.
A few days later, I saw this produce chart in a grocery store in upper New York state. The colours don’t show up here too well, but the chart clearly shows me when the local produce will be available in the store. I hope you like winter squash, if you’re shopping now.
Another chart showed the local farms, though it’s obviously not to scale. Nice to see where the food is coming from though.
And this final sign made me laugh. They claim to be out of stock, but the shelf is stocked with stock. Hmmmm.