Find Answers to Excel Questions

Where do you go when you’ve got an Excel question? A while ago, I recommended the Excel newsgroups as a great place to ask questions and get one (or several) solutions. Is that what you use, or something different?
Let’s try a quick survey – it’s my first attempt, so fingers crossed that it goes smoothly! If you answer “Other”, you can add details in the comments, if you’d like.

Where do you go for answers to your Excel questions?

    • Other
    • Colleagues
    • Google
    • Questions? What questions?
    • Microsoft website
    • Excel newsgroups
    • My bookshelf
  • Family

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Where I Find Answers

For quick questions, I usually use Google, either a general search, of a newsgroup search. If nothing turns up there, the Microsoft Knowledgebase is my next option, in most cases. Occasionally, if really stumped, I’ll email a colleague for help.
I have a good collection of Excel books that I use too. Some are excellent reference books, with a good index, and markers on the pages that I turn to frequently. Others are more for inspiration, and learning new things, than for research.

Your Excel Books

There’s a giant list of Excel books on my website, divided into categories. If you use any of those, I’d love to know what you think of them. Are there any Excel books you’d recommend, that are missing from the list?