David McRitchie's Excel Pages

For many years, David McRitchie has been collecting and posting Excel information on his web site. With over 200 pages, your can find the answer to almost any Excel question on David’s site.
There’s a list of Excel articles, and many links to other sites which have Excel tutorials, downloads and advanced Excel topics.
David’s interests have shifted over the past couple of years, and he’s now documenting Firefox features. You can find his Firefox Lessons in a new section on his web site.
Last week David was visiting relatives in Canada and we met for lunch on Friday. We had a great chat, and I learned quite a bit about his very interesting work history.
I had previously met David at a Microsoft MVP Summit in 2001. That was the first year I received the award, and David had been an Excel MVP since 1999. It was good to see him again, and I hope he enjoys the rest of his visit.