Avoid Caps Lock Trauma

Okay, maybe it’s more aggravating than traumatic, but a few times each day I accidentally hit the Caps Lock key when I meant to hit Shift or Tab. Then, if I’m not paying attention, I type a few words (or paragraphs) before I notice, and have to retype everything.
Fortunately, I finally found a way to prevent accidental Caps Locks, using ToggleKeys, one of the Accessibility features in Windows.

To turn on the ToggleKeys feature:

Open the Control Panel, and double-click on the Accessibility Options icon.

On the Keyboard tab, add a check mark to Use ToggleKeys, then click OK.

Now, when you hit Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock, you’ll hear a beep. Hit the key again to turn it off, then hit the key you really wanted.

More Noise

There’s also a Feedback with Noise option in the Tools>Options dialog box for Excel and other Office applications. To activate this you can download an Office Sounds add-in for Office 2003 and Office XP.
After the add-in is installed, you’ll hear zooms and clicks as you work. It might help you stay awake and alert, or might just irritate you.