Never Procrastinate Again

Do you procrastinate? I’m pretty good at it, and that’s why I ordered a copy of Dave Navarro’s text/audio program, Never Procrastinate Again. Maybe I won’t live up to the title of this article, but at least I’m moving forward!
There are mp3 files with the recorded program, and a pdf file with the printed transcript. It’s only 47 pages, and I’m already about halfway through it. That’s good, because I won’t get stuck a few chapters in, and set it aside to read “later”. There are also a couple of worksheets to help you get started.
It’s a very practical approach to dealing with procrastination, and makes it seem possible to overcome. I liked this quote:

“You don’t have to beat procrastination. You just have stop avoiding this one next thing – and that’s manageable.”

Don’t Procrastinate!

Take a couple of minutes and visit the Rock Your Day blog. Dave has an entertaining writing style and lots of good tips. Here’s a link to one of his articles on procrastination.
The pre-release ($27) ends tonight (October 14th), and tomorrow the price goes up to $37. That’s a good reason to avoid procrastination! If you’re interested, sign up for the advanced discount list today, and you’ll get an email with details on how you can order it.