Add Links to the Windows Taskbar

Maybe I’m the last person in the world to learn this, but with two big monitors to navigate, I find this tip pretty handy. You can add a Links Toolbar and My Desktop Toolbar to the Windows Taskbar!
I’ve added many programs and files to the QuickStart toolbar in the Windows Taskbar, and use it frequently throughout the day. I also use it to find open windows — occasionally I’ll right-click on the taskbar, and click on Cascade Windows, or Undo Cascade, to sort through a mess of windows that I have open.

Add a Links Toolbar

But I had never explored the Toolbars menu, and its options, until a couple of days ago.

Now I’ve added a Links toolbar and Desktop toolbar to the Windows Taskbar, and can quickly open the sites and files that I’ve stored in those locations. No more exhausting trips all the way across a monitor, to double-click on a file shortcut. I just click on the Desktop toolbar, and click on the file listed there.

Add a Site to the Links Toolbar

  • To add a site to the Links toolbar, you can drag its icon from the browser address bar, onto the Links toolbar.
  • Also, if there’s a link on a web page or news feed, you can drag that to the Links toolbar.
  • You can also add a site to your Favorites, and store it in the Links folder, so it will appear on the Links toolbar.