Get to the Point in Twitter

I recently signed up for Twitter, to see what all the fuss is about. A few anti-Twitter bloggers have recently posted positive articles, saying it’s a good way to learn new things and connect with different people. So I took the plunge.
To start, I found those bloggers, and a few internet marketing types, and followed their posts, err, tweets. After a couple of days, a few of them were too yakety, so I un-followed them. I found a few interesting links, and food for thought, but it was all a bit confusing and headache inducing.
Twitter has a search box for name or location, but that only searches the bios, which are very short. So how do you find relevant conversations, or interesting people? Are there more Excel people in there, or Microsoft employees with juicy information to share? Do you just stagger through the hallways until you bump into them?
Today I found Summize, a Twitter search site that should make things easier. Type in a keyword or two, and it produces a list of tweets that contain the keyword. From there you can follow the conversation, or check the person’s profile. Now I have to find this conversation – it looks promising!