Create Excel Chart With Shortcut Keys

To create a chart in Excel, you can select the data on the worksheet, then use the Ribbon commands to insert the chart.


Use the Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’d rather use the keyboard to insert a chart, there are a couple of shortcut keys that you can tap.

To insert a new sheet in the workbook, with a chart for the selected data, you can press the F11 key.


To insert the chart on the active worksheet, use the Alt + F1 shortcut keys


Change the Default Chart Type

When you create a chart using the keyboard shortcuts, the default chart type is used. To select a different default chart type:

On the Excel Ribbon, click the Insert tab

In the Charts group, click the Dialog Launcher button, at the bottom right


Select one of the chart types, and a Sub-type, then click Set as Default Chart


Click Cancel, to close the window.

Then, when you create new charts with one of the keyboard shortcuts, the new default type will be used.

Watch the Chart Shortcut Keys Video

To see the steps for creating an Excel chart with a keyboard shortcut, watch this short Excel tutorial video.

Or watch on YouTube: Create Excel Chart with Shortcut Keys