2011 Challenge: 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days

Icon30Day Your great suggestions in the Improve Your Excel Skills comments got me thinking. What skills would I like to improve in 2011?
It’s hard to pick just one thing, but I’ll start with Excel functions. Even the functions that you use every day can have hidden talents, and pitfalls that you aren’t aware of. And there are so many functions, that you probably only use a fraction of them.
So, in January, let’s explore 30 Excel functions in 30 days. Yes, you’re right — there are 31 days in January. However, I’m being kind, and will give you the first day off, to recover from your hangover, and/or post-holiday exhaustion. 😉

CHOOSE Your Functions

For this challenge, we’ll stick to functions in the Text, Information and Lookup and Reference functions, listed below. There are about 60 functions in the list, and we can only cover 30, so please vote for your favourites. If you can’t see the list below, click here to go to the form.
Deadline for voting is Wednesday, December 29, 2010, at 5 PM (Toronto time).

Share Your INFO

We’ll start the challenge on January 2nd, and go till January 31st. Please check the blog every day during the challenge, and add your tips and comments, or even a HYPERLINK. There’s no SUBSTITUTE for team work, to ensure we ADDRESS all AREAS of each function.
My mind ISBLANK now, and I can’t FIND any more puns, so I’ll sign off now, and let you CHOOSE your functions. Thanks!
Update: Thanks for voting before the December 29th deadline — votes are no longer being accepted.