Add a Cover to a Word 2007 Document

I’ve been using Microsoft Word since 1985, starting with Word for Mac and eventually moving to the Windows version for Word 6.0. As with other Office programs, some great new features have been added, and other features, that were working just fine, have been removed or changed.  Don’t get me started on Word’s numbering.

Most of my Word documents are currently in Word 2003, but I’m experimenting with Word 2007, in case some of my clients decide to switch. One of the new features that I’ve discovered is the automatic Cover Sheet.

Insert a Cover Page

To automatically add a cover page to the front of the Word document:

  1. On Word’s Ribbon, click the Inert tab.
  2. Click the Cover Page command, to open the list of cover page options.
  3. Click on one of the options to select it.

Add Details to the Cover Page

On the cover page that’s inserted, there are fields that you can customize with your name, document title, and other information.


Click on a field (indicated with square brackets), and the name of the field will appear, such as Subtitle.

Type the text you want in that field.


Change the Cover Page

Many of the cover pages use fonts or colours from the documents Theme. You can:

  • select an element and change its font, colour or other properties.
  • select a different Theme, and those fonts and colours will replace the existing Theme’s fonts and colours.
  • select a different cover page from the drop down list (maybe not this one!)


Remove the Cover Page

If you change your mind, and no longer want a cover page, click the Cover Page command on the Ribbon.

Then click Remove Current Cover Page.


The cover page is deleted immediately, with no confirmation message. However, you could click Undo to restore it. Or, insert a cover page later, and the data that you entered previously (Title, Subtitle, etc.) should appear in the new cover.