Clearing Out the Deadwood

Last weekend a friend, aka Chauncey, who has some gardening knowledge, came over to help trim the trees and shrubs in the back yard.  About an hour later, much of the lawn was covered with branches, twigs and leaves. It took another couple of hours to stuff everything into yard waste bags, and bundle the big pieces. This week it’ll be taken to the city recycling centre, where it will be turned into compost or mulch.


It was way more work than I expected, but the catalpa tree, which was overgrown, now looks much better, and Chauncey claims it will flourish in the spring, without all the extra branches.


When I got back to my office, I realized that I should do the same thing there. So, next weekend I’ll clear out more of the deadwood in the office — old paper files, computer programs that I’m no longer using, RSS feeds that I never read, links to time-wasting web sites, and old email with large attachments that I don’t need.

All that stuff is slowing me and my computer down, and a few hours of work should make other things go faster when I’m finished the cleanup. I hope!