Send Email With PDF Attachment from Excel

Send Email With PDF Attachment from Excel

This week, I was experimenting with sending email from Excel via Outlook. The goal was to send an email to each name in a list, and attach a couple of PDF files. Here’s how I managed to send email with PDF attachment from Excel.

The Sample File

So, before creating my complex email code, I set up a little test file, with a short list of fake customers. I created this file using Outlook and Excel 2013, but it should also work in Excel 2010, and perhaps Excel 2007 (see Ron de Bruin’s article for 2007 requirements).


Another sheet in the file has a report, to send to each customer, as a PDF attachment. I like pens, so my imaginary business is a pen shop.

The macro puts the current store number in cell E8, and INDEX/MATCH formulas pull the name and sales amount for that store.


Set Up the Email Settings Sheet

When doing the email tests, I wanted to be able to change some of the settings, without going into the VBA code. So, I added a Settings sheet, where you can:

  • enter text for the subject line and email body
  • select a folder where a copy of each PDF file will be saved
  • enter an email address for receiving test emails


Send the Emails

The final sheet is the Menu, with buttons that run the macros.


If you’re sending out an email message to a list, it’s a good idea to test it first, by sending the reports to your own email address, instead of using your customers as guinea pigs!

So, click that “Send Test Emails” button, and see what arrives in your inbox. Check the PDF attachments, to make sure that the information is correct, and that each person is receiving the right attachment.

Then, if everything works well, you’re ready to click the “Send Store Emails” button, to send out the actual email.

More Excel Email Tips

For lots more examples of sending email from Excel, please visit Ron de Bruin’s website. He also shows how to use other mail programs, and different types of attachments.

Download the Sample File

To test the email code, you can download the sample file from my Contextures website. Go to the Sample files page, and in the VBA section, look for UF0023 – Send Email With PDF Attachment

And be sure to test carefully, before you send a big email to your customers and co-workers!

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  1. I have deleted three names from the store list (with their fake emails) and inserted my own email address in the remaining one and put my own email address in the test email. However, I am receiving four emails when I send the test but just the one when sending store email. what needs to be done to fix this?

    1. @Simon, the StoreNums range is static, so it didn’t adjust automatically if you just cleared the cells, instead of deleting the rows.
      The test email uses your test address for each email, so those would create 4 valid messages.
      The store email takes the address from each row, and since only one row has an address, it can only send one email.

  2. Hi Debra, when sending test email I have no problems but when I send store emails, then although the dialog box comes up with “9 emails will be sent” and then the second dialog box “emails have been sent” shows, no emails actually get sent. Can you help solve this?

  3. Yes, the name manager includes all 10 names in the range and the email addresses are valid. strangely, when I send Store Emails, it only says none emails will be sent. I have tried to check my sheet against the original that I have downloaded and cannot see any differences in the basic architecture.

  4. Exelent VBA. I want to give one more box in the mail settings
    “Enter the attachment file name”
    I named a cell “rngfilename”
    I changed the line
    – strPDFName = “rngfilename” & c.Value & “.pdf”
    but it is not works
    What I have to change int the sendemailstores VBA sript?

  5. Dear papsajt, the modified code you require is as follows:
    strPDFName = wsS.Range(“rngfilename”).Value & c.Value & “.pdf”

  6. I noticed there is no way to copy data into the StoreList sheet. I had to insert 3200 rows then I was able to copy the info. I’m I missing something?

  7. Hello,
    How do i modify the same to send a file which is already in the folder ?
    I want this to send the emails i have mentioned,but it should send the pdf which are in the folder ?
    Please help .

  8. This code is amazing! I love all the stops put into place with error message explanations. it helps this newbie troubleshoot! I have one major request…Can you make it loop through a data validation list as opposed to a named range on a secondary sheet? My data validation list lives in one cell on my main spreadsheet I want to export as PDF and send. I have named this cell “FacilityName” in name manager.

    1. Set Fac = sh.Range(“FacilityName”)
      For Each c In Fac
      strMsg = “Could not create PDF for ” & Fac.Value
      strPDFName = Fac.Value & “.pdf”
      If bTest = False Then
      ‘False = quarterly emails
      strSendTo = rngSendTo
      strSendTocc = rngSendTocc
      End If
      sh.ExportAsFixedFormat _
      Type:=xlTypePDF, _
      Filename:=strSavePath & strPDFName, _
      Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
      IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
      IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _
      Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
      strMsg = “Could not start mail process for ” & Fac.Value
      On Error Resume Next
      With OutMail
      .to = strSendTo
      .cc = strSendTocc
      .BCC = “”
      .Subject = strSubj
      .Body = strbody
      .Attachments.Add strSavePath & strPDFName
      End With
      On Error GoTo 0
      Next c

    2. Thanks, Katy! I’m not clear on how your data validation is set up. What do you mean by “lives in one cell”?
      Did you type a list right in the data validation dialog box, such as “One, Two, Three”

  9. i am only able to send 4 mails ,what i have to update macro to send more than 4 mails , i have updated new rows but still its sending 4 mails please help with this

  10. This code is very helpful.
    However, i am only able to send 4 emails.
    Besides that i would like to send the attachment file name like” Sales report – Store Number – Store Name – Sep17″
    Could you please help with these. Thanks in advance

  11. I have tried below code but it is save manually so, i want to change it from manually to auto save please help me
    Sub PDFActiveSheet()
    ‘for Excel 2010 and later
    Dim wsA As Worksheet
    Dim wbA As Workbook
    Dim strTime As String
    Dim strName As String
    Dim strPath As String
    Dim strFile As String
    Dim strPathFile As String
    Dim myFile As Variant
    On Error GoTo errHandler
    Set wbA = ActiveWorkbook
    Set wsA = ActiveSheet
    strTime = Format(Now(), “yyyymmdd\_hhmm”)
    ‘get active workbook folder, if saved
    strPath = wbA.Path
    If strPath = “” Then
    strPath = Application.DefaultFilePath
    End If
    strPath = strPath & “\”
    ‘replace spaces and periods in sheet name
    strName = Replace(wsA.Name, ” “, “”)
    strName = Replace(strName, “.”, “_”)
    ‘create default name for savng file
    strFile = strName & “_” & strTime & “.pdf”
    strPathFile = strPath & strFile
    ‘use can enter name and
    ‘ select folder for file
    myFile = Application.GetSaveAsFilename _
    (InitialFileName:=strPathFile, _
    FileFilter:=”PDF Files (*.pdf), *.pdf”, _
    Title:=”Select Folder and FileName to save”)
    ‘export to PDF if a folder was selected
    If myFile “False” Then
    wsA.ExportAsFixedFormat _
    Type:=xlTypePDF, _
    Filename:=myFile, _
    Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
    IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
    IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _
    ‘confirmation message with file info
    MsgBox “PDF file has been created: ” _
    & vbCrLf _
    & myFile
    End If
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox “Could not create PDF file”
    Resume exitHandler
    End Sub

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