Today is Excel Date 42000

This is day 42000 in the Excel calendar, so maybe we’ll get the “Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” – a thousand times!

Day 42000 in Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts

I noticed today’s serial number this morning, while working on my daily reports.

First, I entered today’s date, by typing the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + ;


In the next row, I used a different shortcut, to copy from the row above – Ctrl + ‘

That showed the date as a serial number, which is how Excel stores dates.


When is 43000?

As soon as I pressed Enter, the cell showed the date in the Short Date format, which is how that column is formatted.

Finally, a little arithmetic in the next row showed me when it will be 43000 – September 22, 2017. See you then!