Move Excel Listbox Items

To select specific items from a long list, you can create 2 listboxes on a worksheet. Then, use arrow buttons to move all the items from one list to the other, or move selected items only.

Read the Detailed Instructions

Thanks to Dave Peterson, who sent me the instructions and sample code for moving listbox items. To see how this technique works, and get Dave’s sample code, visit the Excel VBA Move Listbox Items page on the Contextures website.

Download the Move Listbox Items Sample File

To see the code, and test the Listbox move items code, you can download the Listbox Move Items sample workbook. The file is in Excel 2007 format, and is zipped. It contains macros, so enable them if you want to test the code.

Watch the Move Listbox Items Video

To see the steps to create the Listbox example, watch this Excel video tutorial.

Or watch the video on YouTube: Excel VBA Listbox Move Items