Excel VBA: Switch Column Headings to Numbers

It's Friday, and your brain is almost full, but let's try to cram a little bit of Excel VBA in there before the weekend. We've talked about the Excel Column Headings before, and seen how to change the Reference Style setting from R1C1 (Numbers) to A1 (Letters).

That setting is pretty well hidden, and it's a bit of a pain to switch on and off. We'll create a macro that will let us quickly switch from A1 to R1C1, or from R1C1 to A1.

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Excel VBA Edit Your Recorded Macro

Last week was Recruit a New VBA Programmer Week, so we pitched in by recording an Excel macro, and running it. I've updated that article, by adding a video, so you can see all the gory details, step-by-step. This week we'll look at the Excel VBA code that the Macro Recorder created, and make a minor change, to edit your recorded macro.

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