Show Your Own Excel Error Values

In a perfect world, nobody would ever make a mistake in Excel. Every formula would be flawless, and every bit of data would be valid. Unfortunately, that's not the case. When mistakes happen, there are built-in errors, like #N/A, but why not create your own Excel formula error values, and show those too?

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Add Data to Excel Table with Total Row

With a formatted Excel table, you can turn the Total Row on or off easily, and it shows at the bottom of the table. Someone asked me how to add data to Excel Table with Total Row showing – they were hiding the totals every time they wanted to add data. You don't need to do that!

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Highlight Top or Bottom Values in Excel List

With Excel's conditional formatting options, you can highlight cells based on their values, or add colour scales, icons and data bars to the cells. There are built-in rules to highlight top or bottom values, and you can also create your own rules, as shown below.

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Allow Weekend Dates Only in Excel

With Excel Data Validation, you can add rules to a data entry sheet, and control what people put in the cells. In today's example, we'll set up a cell that only allows you to enter a weekend date. Just remember that Data Validation isn't foolproof, and people can find ways around your rules.

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