Excel Twitters RIP

For more than a year I’ve posted Excel related tweets every week, ranging from the hilarious, to the bizarre, to the somewhat useful.
Lately though, using the search feature in Twitter pulls up long lists of ads, spam, ads, spam, and more spam. To see for yourself, you can search for Excel Spreadsheet in Twitter. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I’m having.
There’s still the occasional nugget of Excelly goodness in the Search page, but I don’t have the time or patience to wade through all the other stuff. So, I’ll stick to reading what’s in my own Twitter stream, posted by friends and colleagues.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Excel Twitters while they lasted!

A Few Good Things

More good stuff comes from my email and RSS feeds, like these three items from this week.
Andy Pope released his (free!) RibbonX Visual Designer
Chip Gorman emailed this link to an Excel-based soap opera!
Bob Phillips is reviewing Excel 2007 classic menu add-ins in his blog