Compare Pivot Table Values As Percentages

As you know, pivot tables are a quick and easy way to summarize a huge table of data in Excel. With just a few clicks, you can create totals for thousands of rows of data, without writing a single formula. Then, with filters and Slicers, zero in on specific parts of the data. But there’s an underused feature that you might be missing – do you know how to compare pivot table values as percentages?

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Excel Hyperlinks Run Command Files

You can use Excel hyperlinks to navigate through a workbook, go to web pages, open other Excel files, and even open PDF files. However, if you try to use an Excel hyperlink to run command files, you’ll run into problems. Until now! Here’s how J.Woolley uses hyperlinks, with a background macro,  to avoid those problems – and a other problems too. He also found a strange hyperlink bug.

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Looking Back at Early Versions of Excel

While clearing some of the boxes in the basement, I found a stack of old MacUser and MacWorld magazines. A couple of issues had articles on early versions of Excel (it started on the Mac) , so that was a good excuse to stop working, and flip through the magazines. I wasn’t resting, I was researching! Here are some pro tips from Excel 1.0, and a review of the exciting new features in Excel 2.2.

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Save Space With Excel On Demand Slicers

In one of my sample files, you can select criteria for an Advanced Filter with Slicers. There are 3 Slicers at the top of the sheet, and an output range below that.  And now, AlexJ has created a compact version of that technique, with the Slicers hidden until you need them. (He’s on a mission to rid the world of space-hogging Slicers.)

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Learn More About Power BI and Excel

If you’ve been using Excel since the Stone Age (like me!), you might be avoiding Power Query, Power BI, and all those other “Power-y” tools that the kids are using now. However, those tools aren’t going away, and pretty soon your employer, or your clients, will expect you to know something about them. Here’s how you can learn more about Power BI, to see what all the fuss is about.

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