Impressive Dashboards with Google Sheets

Over the years, I’ve used Google Sheets a few times, and usually for basic tasks. Yesterday, I was surprised and impressed to see what it can do, thanks to Ben Collins. He builds interactive dashboards with Google Sheets, complete with pivot tables and maps, using the built-in features. Who knew that all this was possible, in a free, online spreadsheet application?

Still Love Excel

Now, I’m not saying this to discourage you from using Excel! It’s still my favourite program, and maybe it’s yours too. We’ve got countless years, dollars and tears invested in it!

But, if you want to expand your skill set a bit outside of Excel, take a look at Google Sheets, and what it can do.

Dashboards with Google Sheets

Ben emailed me, to announce his new course — Build Dashboards With Google Sheets and Data Studio. He also gave me access to the course, so I could take a look.

I thanked him politely, and promised to mention it on my Spreadsheet Day blog. I know that Ben produces quality material on his blog, and figured his course would be good too. I just didn’t think that it would be of interest to the people reading this Excel blog.

Well, I might be wrong about that!

Watching the Videos

After logging into the course, I thought I’d skim through a few of the videos, to get an overview of the course and its quality. Each video is only a few minutes long, and Ben has an engaging presentation style (and charming British accent).

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m 14 videos into the course, and still watching! It’s amazing to see what Google Sheets can do – quickly and easily. To get Ben’s sample data, in order to follow along, I clicked the link below one of the videos. A new tab opened in the browser, and there was the data, in Google Sheets. Very cool! Then, I saved a copy of the file into my own Google Drive.

And here’s a little map that I made, after seeing Ben’s demo with this data.

Dashboards with Google Sheets

Dashboard Course Content

So, despite my initial hesitation, I’m recommending that you take a look at Ben’s new course — Build Dashboards With Google Sheets and Data Studio. As a fellow spreadsheet fan, you might find it useful and fascinating too.

The course has over 9 hours of videos, and 5 sample dashboard files, and you get lifetime access to it.  There’s also a free group you can join, to ask questions and discuss the course material.

Get the Course Discount

I was going to complete more of the course, and then let you know about it in a week or two. But then I noticed a deadline, so I had to scrap that plan.

Ben is offering a course launch discount that ends today, Friday, February 24th.

So, if you’re at all interested, take a look at the course today. If you decide to register, use the coupon code LAUNCH75 to get the course for only $75.

After today, the course goes back to its full price ($149), and it will still be a great investment.

A New Adventure

It’s not for all spreadsheet fans – some of us will never stray from our old, faithful friend, Microsoft Excel. And I’m not giving up Excel for Google Sheets – it’s just something new and interesting to explore.

So, if you’re up for a new adventure, take a look at Ben Collins’ course, Build Dashboards With Google Sheets and Data Studio.

It’s always good to be prepared with new skills and tools, whether you’re happily employed somewhere, looking for a job, or a self-employed consultant. You never know what they might ask you to do tomorrow!

Now I’ve got to get back to those lessons.