How to Change Excel Right-Click Menus

If you use the mouse most of the time, when you’re working in Excel, you probably right-click, to see the popup menus. For example, right-click a column heading to insert a new column. If your favourite commands aren’t on those popup menus, here’s how you can change Excel right-click menus, to add them. Also, if you have a minute, please take the 3-question Excel survey on my Debra D blog. Thanks!

Missing Commands

As handy as those right-click menus are, some of your favourite commands might not be on them. For example, I’d like to right-click to hide the grid lines, or to set the freeze panes. That would be quicker than travelling all the way up to the Excel Ribbon, and clicking the tabs and commands there.

change Excel right-click menus with MenuRighter

Change Excel Right-Click Menus

What commands would you add to the right-click menus, if you could? If you have a few changes in mind, you don’t have to learn any programming, skills, in order to make that happen. Instead, you can download a free Excel add-in – MenuRighter – and use it to customize those right-click menus.

Doug Glancy, from the YourSumBuddy website, created the MenuRighter add-in. I’ve been using it for a long time, and wrote about it a few years ago. Recently, Doug released a new version, and it’s much easier to use now, so if you have an old version, get the update!

Add and Remove Commands

After you download and install the MenuRighter add-in, it adds a command at the far right of the Developer tab on the Excel Ribbon.

MenuRighter command

Click that command to open the MenuRighter form, then choose a command, and select the toolbar where you’d like it to appear. There are lots of popup menus (Target Toolbars), but the MenuRighter helps you find the one that you need. The video below shows the steps.

how to change Excel right-click menus with MenuRighter

Video: Change Excel Right-Click Menus With MenuRighter

Watch this short video to see how to change Excel right-click menus with MenuRighter. In the video, I make a couple of simple changes to a right-click menu. You’ll also see how to go back to the default menu, if you change your mind.

And, if you try the MenuRighter add-in, I’m sure that Doug would love to hear your comments and feedback.