Excel Roundup 20160104

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday break! It’s taking most of my brain power to type 2016, instead of 2015, so this will be a short roundup, to get things rolling again. If you subscribe to my newsletter, the next issue will be sent on January 12, 2016.

1. Contextures Website

Over the holidays, I cleaned up some of the older pages, and added a new page with Check Box macros. Thanks to Dave Peterson, for his contributions!

Also, the table of contents page was getting way too long, so I changed a few of the topics into drop down lists. If a topic has a plus sign beside it, click it to see the related page links.


2. VisiCalc

In The Guardian, John Naughton explains why “VisiCalc was a ‘killer app’ years ahead of its time, and still says much about the way we understand computers”.

3. Data Cleanup

Ben Richardson shows how to use formulas when working with website data, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His tips are useful for most other types of data too, so take a look, even if you don’t know what SEO is.

4. Excel Calendar

If you forgot to buy new calendars for 2016, you can download the “create your own calendar” file from The Analyst Cave. Then, enter a few settings, add a list of holidays, and enter any special dates, such as family birthdays. Finally, click the Generate button, to build the calendar.

5. Power Query

Ken Puls explains 3 more join types that you can use in Power Query – Inner Join, Left Anti Join and Right Anti Join. Download the sample file, and follow along with the steps.

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