Excel Roundup 20150119

In this tutorial, from the Lynda.com website, you can learn 5 helpful Excel keyboard shortcuts, for tasks such as toggling the Ribbon on and off, and showing a print preview.

I use the mouse, and buttons on the QAT, for most of these commands, but if you’re a keyboard person, you might like a couple of these shortcuts. Or did you know all of them already?

Contextures Posts

Here’s what I posted recently:

  • Robert Lepper sent me his tip for creating a color spectrum with 2-color gradients in a range of cells, and I added it to my Formatting Tips page.
  • For a humorous peek at what other people are saying about spreadsheets, read the latest collection of Excel tweets, on my Excel Theatre blog.

Other Excel Articles

Here are a few of the Excel articles that I read recently, that you might find useful.

  • Here’s a quick Power Pivot tip from Melissa Coates (SQL Chick), so you can see the calculated measures in alphabetical order. That makes it easier to find things in a long list. You can do the same thing for the field list in a regular pivot table.

Excel Announcements

Here are some upcoming events, courses, recently published books, and other new items, related to Excel.

Dashboard Course

  • Mynda Treacy has opened registration for her acclaimed Excel Dashboard Course, and you’ll get 20% off, if you sign up by January 22nd. I reviewed this excellent dashboard course when it first opened, and just updated my review, after taking a look at the latest version. You can read my detailed review here. The course is an even better investment now, with many new videos added.
  • Mynda is also offering a free introductory webinar on How to Build Excel Dashboards. Get the details on this one-hour session, and sign up for a date and time that is convenient for you.

PASS BA Marathon

  • Feb. 3, 2015 — Sign up now, for this free online preview of the upcoming Business Analytics Conference. There will be 6 live webinars, including “Productivity Revolution in Excel”, led by Chandoo (Purna Duggirala) and Avi Singh. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with bacon, which was my first thought, when I saw the website name, “passbaconference.com”.

Excel Summit

  • Amsterdam Excel Summit, April 13-15, 2015. Mark your calendar for April 13-15, so you can attend this amazing Excel event. Last year’s summit was an outstanding success, and registration will open soon, for this year’s event. Bookmark this page, for event details and registration: Amsterdam Excel Summit 2015

Share Your Events and Articles

If you read or wrote any other interesting Excel articles recently, or have upcoming Excel events, please let me know. Thanks!

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