Paste With Shortcut in Filtered Excel List

Last week, I shared a couple of workarounds for pasting data into a filtered list. If you use a simple copy and paste, you could end up overwriting data in the hidden rows.
You can use those workarounds, if you are pasting into the filtered list, with data from another location. However, if you are copying and pasting data from one column to another, within the filtered list, there is a better solution.

Paste With a Shortcut

Instead of using one of the workarounds for copying and pasting, you can use a keyboard shortcut. It’s much quicker and easier!
This tip was shared by Khushnood Viccaji, in a comment on my previous post. Thanks for the tip – it’s a new one for me, and a real time-saver!
To copy data into the same rows in a filtered list:

  • Select the cells that you want to copy
  • Press Ctrl and select the cells where you want to paste (in the same rows)
  • To select only the visible cells in the selection, press Alt + ;  (the semi-colon)
  • To copy to the right, press Ctrl + R

The data is magically copied to the visible cells on the right, even though the columns are not adjacent

Video: Paste With Shortcut in Filtered Excel List

To see the steps for pasting into the same row in a filtered list, please watch this short video tutorial. You’ll also see how to fill data to the left in filtered rows.
Or watch on YouTube: Use Shortcut to Paste in Excel Filtered List