Remove Duplicates in Excel 2013 List

If I need a list of unique items from a long list, I usually use an Advanced Filter, because it leaves the original list alone, and extracts a list of unique records. The filter can be done in place, or sent to another range, on the same sheet, or a different sheet.


Remove Duplicates Tool

In Excel 2007, the Remove Duplicates tool was introduced, and I wrote about that a few years ago. It’s a quicker way to strip duplicates out of a list, but it works on the original list – it doesn’t create a separate list of unique items.


The tool still works the same way, in Excel 2013, and I’ve finally made a video to show how it works. You can use it on a single column list, or a list with two or more columns.

Add check marks for the columns that you want to check for duplicates, then click OK.


And remember, make a backup before you start! If you’ve bought a copy of my Excel Tools add-in, just click the “Make Backup” button.


Video: Remove Duplicates in Excel 2013 List

To see the steps for removing duplicates from a list in Excel 2013, please watch this video. The steps are the same in Excel 2007 and 2010. Remember to make a backup of the file, or the list, before you start.

Or watch on YouTube: Remove Duplicates From List in Excel 2013