Change Pivot Table Filter All Sheets or Active Sheet

In Excel 2010, you can use Slicers to change the filters in several pivot tables, with a single click.


If you don’t have Excel 2010, or don’t want to use Slicers, you can use programming to change multiple pivot table filters with a single click. Yes, it’s more work than adding a Slicer, but better than manually changing all those pivot tables!

Change All Pivot Tables

Last December, I described how to add code to your workbook, so if you changed one pivot table filter, all the other pivot tables in the workbook would change too. Click here to read that article, and the comments: Change All Pivot Tables With One Selection

In those comments, people asked how to modify the code, so only the pivot tables on the active sheet were affected, or only a specific field was changed. In response to those comments, I’ve created a new version of the sample file.

Change All Pivot Tables or Active Sheet Only

The latest sample file for changing pivot table fields has 3 variations on the "Change All Page Fields" code, and it also changes the "Multiple Item Selection" settings to match changed page fields (Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 only).

The three variations are:

  1. Change any page field in a pivot table, and all matching page fields, on all sheets, are changed.
  2. Change any page field in a pivot table, and all matching page fields, on the active sheet only, are changed.
  3. Change a specific page field in a pivot table, and that page field, on the active sheet only, is changed.

Download the Sample File

To see the code, and try the variations, you can download the sample file from the Contextures website. The file will work in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, if you enable macros.

PT0027 – Change All Page Fields – All Sheets or Active Sheet

You can also download the other sample files, showing how to change a specific field, or all fields, in the workbook’s pivot tables.