Go To Specific Part of Excel Worksheet

How can you quickly move around an Excel worksheet? That’s what Andrea asked in a recent comment:

  • How do I “go to” a specific page of my worksheet. I have 23 pages and do not want to keep scrolling. I cannot find how to do this as on Word.

Of course, Andrea is correct, and there is no built-in page navigation for Excel, like Word has. What would you recommend for Andrea? Here are a couple of my favourite techniques, and please add your suggestions in the comments.

Navigating in Microsoft Word

In Word, you can click the buttons at the bottom right, to quickly go to the next or or previous page.
You can also double-click on the page count section of the status bar, type a page number, and press Enter, to go to a specific page.

Worksheet Pages in Excel

In Excel, we don’t have those handy page navigation features. You can scroll down through the rows, with no hint as to what page you’re on, if the worksheet has multiple printed pages.
Or, add the page number to the header or footer, and scroll in Page Layout view, where you can see those numbers.

Create a Table of Contents

If you’d like a structured way to move around the worksheet, you can create a worksheet table of contents. With this technique, you add section headings, with hyperlinks to those headings, at the top of the worksheet.
Then, click a hyperlink, to go to that section.

Create Named Ranges

For a quicker and easier method, you can skip the hyperlinks, and simply go with named ranges. If you’re the only person using the workbook, you could use this simple navigation system.
In a long worksheet, you would most likely have heading cells, which you can name. In this screenshot, cell B9 is named as Income.
Then, go to any named range, by selecting its name from the Name Box drop down list.

Other Ways to Navigate

Excel isn’t set up to deal with page navigation, but one of these suggestions might help Andrea work around this limitation. Do you have other techniques that you use in large worksheets?